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  • –  This website converts your PDF document to an MS Word document.




  • Email Verifier – Verify an email you want to send to actually exists.

Free Offerings

  • Credit Reports – The real deal to getting your free annual credit reports.
  • CreditKarma – Free Credit Score and financial management.
  • Fonts – Get free fonts here
  • Forms –  Free Business forms
  • Quizzle – Quicken’s free credit score, credit report, and financial management for homeowners.

Job Hunting

Home Management

  • Homespot -Keep Home Repair Organized – Tips


Office Apps Online

  • Google Docs – Google’sOffering of Online Office Apps.
  • OfficeLive – Microsoft’s Online Office Apps.
  • SlideShare – Share Powerpoints or Word Docs with whoever you like, or the world.
  • ThinkFree – Online Office Applications by Thinkfree Online.
  • Zoho – A Multitude of Online Office Apps


Scholarship Search

Social Network Aids

  • – This online site lets you update all your social networks at once, via email or sms even.

Video Webpages

  • Jaycut – Free online video editor

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