Monthly Archives: February 2008

Where’s the fun?

     So little time, so much to do.. It seems lately I have no time for anything. I managed to sneak a visit in with my daughter tonight, which was nice. I think the first I’d seen her since Christmas. … Continue reading

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Weight Loss???

  Yessirreeee…  6 lbs this week.. how I pullled it off I don’t know, but somehow amidst the chaos I guess I didn’t eat a whole lot… I’ll take what I can get… in any case, I’m only  a few … Continue reading

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Is there time for anything?

     No… Right now I feel I have time for nothing. I can’t believe how much time is being consumed by puppies, and college. I did find time to put the camera back online. Last week Pepper managed to move … Continue reading

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Back to Weight Watchers

      Despite the SuperBowl Chicken Wings and Pizza ( did I mention Beer?) I managed to lose 1 pound this week. Certainly nothing to brag about, but at least I’m heading in the right direction, and it feels “right” going … Continue reading

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SuperBowl Sunday

     Pizza and Wings and Beer… And I was doing so good on the diet too.. Oh well. Gotta live!!  Got my tax return done yesterday, and today I got notified the IRS accepted it (whatever that means). Thats it … Continue reading

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