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Special Bob…Come on down… You’re the next contestant…on…The Price..

       The price is good enough…  So there will now be a new SpecialBobMobile in the very near future.  It seems the KIA dealership I took my 2004 Optima decided my timing belt was broke… and after 2 days waiting … Continue reading

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The Best thing about Christmas….

 is when it’s the next day. Gone. In the past. Finished for another Year.  So maybe it sounds like something a scrooge would say. Maybe. But I think maybe alot of people are happy when it’s finally over with. Count … Continue reading

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What next??

  Ok.. so I’m home and have the day off…figure I’ll take my son back to his mother’s and do a little shopping right? Good plan..or so I thought. However, after driving 1400 miles from Norman, Oklahoma to home sweet … Continue reading

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I’m Home….and

  Home finally…yay…glad to be gone from Oklahoma…glad to be home….not gonna be glad to go back to work…  Can I retire yet?? Forget the depressing stuff.. lets get angry instead..        So on my way home, (21 hours driving … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    The Good is that I’ll be going home Thursday, and hopefully the weather will be decent for the ride home.    The Bad is that I’m here now, and most of the friends I’ve made here have gone home. … Continue reading

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The excitement is killing me!!

   Ok, so maybe it’s the lack of excitement. I’m here in this hotel, and half of Norman is without power because of the ice storm. We ourselves were without power this morning until after lunchtime, running on backup generators … Continue reading

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What a wild weekend!!!

    NOT!!!   No wild weekend for me… this place is worse than a ghost town. It doesn’t help that the temperature is about 29 degrees and there are icicles hangin off everything. Nope… not a wild weekend out in the … Continue reading

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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!!

 There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….etc etc.. Yeah yeah..  I am NOT wearing any ruby red slippers and because of the blizzard goin on  “at home”, I think I’ll just stay down here in the land … Continue reading

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   The first day of classes are always so boring it’s pitiful. Staying awake is like the hardest thing to do. It’s not the instructor’s fault, in fact, considering the same ole same ole topics of safety, rules, lockout tagout, … Continue reading

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Someone has to do it!

   So here I am, back in good old Norman, Oklahoma. My summer home, but it’s not quite the same as being here in summer. I just arrived today, a few hours ago, and by chance, I got a room … Continue reading

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