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Ready for Norman, Oklahoma once again….

  I just finished packing a little while ago and I expect this will be my last post until I reach good old Norman, OK. I have been working on some website ideas, but nothing major. I expect to be … Continue reading

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College for Dummies??

    Yahooie!!  I am now, ( as of 2 minutes ago ), registered for a Program Design and Development course at the local community college. I’m excited, to say the very least. I will be taking an evening course thursday … Continue reading

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Techy Stuff (Finally)

   I know it’s been a while since I actually posted anything techy here, but today I can catch up, at least a little. Within the last 24 hours I’ve done a few things that one might consider a little … Continue reading

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Go Tigers

To say I Liked RIT would be a huge understatement. The school is a great school; clean, modern, and obviously a class A Tech school academically. I wasn’t impressed by anything in particular, however the food and eating area was … Continue reading

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One more thing

   I finally decided on a calendar for the postal workers I know from around the country. You all can find it at .   If you’re going to be in Norman any time soon, add yourself to the calendar. Thanks!  … Continue reading

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So much going on, so little time.

    I have no idea where all the time goes, except maybe driving in the car back and forth to work maybe, but it seems every day that 24 hours is less and less like 24 hours and more and … Continue reading

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I’m Back!

 It went ok and once again I refreshed my memory as to why it’s so important to backup backup backup.  In restoring my computer’s C drive to factory new condition I caused some of my programs, mainly my virtual machines, … Continue reading

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