Go Tigers

To say I Liked RIT would be a huge understatement. The school is a great school; clean, modern, and obviously a class A Tech school academically. I wasn’t impressed by anything in particular, however the food and eating area was excellent, and the Computer Science House, which is a floor of dorms dedicated to computer science students, was extremely geek oriented, which in my book, makes it awesome. In any case, even a room in a regular dorm would be fine, just to be able to attend this awesome school.

I didn’t make it to weight watchers this week, as work required some overtime from me. Paycheck ought to be good at least, and i get another week to lose weight. I’ve been good on the diet this week too, eating lots of salad, so it should show when I do make it to the scales.

Not alot to report on on the webpage, as I’ve basically been still accumulating more material for it. I expect to do a huge amount in December, as I’ll be stuck in a hotel for 3 weeks in good old Norman, OK. Lately in my free time I’ve been grabbing stuff off the newsgroups. If you know nothing about usenet news groups, then google it, and see if you can get them from your internet service provider. Lotsa great stuff out there, and not all of it is illegal downloads, although there is quite a bit there.

Gues thats it for now, and I’ll hit the bed. Gniters 🙂

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