College for Dummies??

    Yahooie!!  I am now, ( as of 2 minutes ago ), registered for a Program Design and Development course at the local community college. I’m excited, to say the very least. I will be taking an evening course thursday nights from 6 – 9:40 pm.  Ya see, I spent some time in the Navy, and took some pretty grueling courses to become an electronics technician, and reactor operator, in the Naval Nuclear Power Program. However, I have never spent a day in college. And I can say, for the rest of my life, that I at least got in before I turned 40. ( Yep I am 39, just barely made it ). In a word, Yahooie!!

    As for the Diet, well, weigh-in was tonight, and in the last 2 weeks, I lost 1 and a half pounds, which makes my overall total 40 Pounds, Yay for me. Yahooie!! even.

   On the website I haven’t done alot, but I did add a bunch of stuff to the Links wiki, of stuff I need to add to the page, and even more stuff I need to investigate, review and decide if I want to add… at least I’ve done something!!  yeah!!

   Last but certainly not least, I have to remark on the Crossloop team. ( ). I attempted to use the crossloop program over a remote desktop connection, without realizing how it’s working underneath, and it didn’t quite work out for me. Not a big deal, as the software is still the best thing since Moses parted the Red Sea. And I can’t blame crossloop for the problems I had, as it makes sense that 2 Virtual Private Networks running currently, probably won’t perform as expected. I didn’t, however, expect to get 2 emails from the Crossloop team, following up on the problem I had. I just have to say Kudos, Great Job, and I hope these guys make millions.  Thanks Crossloop team.

     Well thats it for now. Do me a favor and check out the crossloop software, it is awesome.  Laters

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3 Responses to College for Dummies??

  1. Mrinal says:

    Thanks Bob and I will share this with our team – we love our users and our users love us in return. Your recognition of that above is a perfect example!

  2. nobody says:

    Wow between work and college.. sounds like your one busy guy. very little time for anything else. You wouldn’t be avoiding something or someone would you? lol Just be sure to get some sleep and relaxing time as well. Wouldn’t want ya to overwork yourself. Anyways Congrats!

  3. Steffen says:

    Hey Bob,

    like your aticle about crossloop, i recommend trying teamviewer. If you think crossloop is better than parting the red sea, teamviewer will be the creation of earth 😉 Looking forward to your answer!

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