Batch file editing

I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th. I fixed the Aunt’s email program so that she can get her email now.  Went to dinner at AppleBee’s while we were out and had a very fulfilling Weight Watcher’s dinner (and a house salad). Once I got home I decided to remove Juice from the wife’s computer, since I now have it set up in a virtual machine on my Laptop. That got me working on the home network, as I wanted to change her backup program, in addition to the backup destination Computer. Although I failed to figure out why i cannot access the destination computer from the source computer, I accomplished the backup task  by setting the program up on the destination computer and having it connect to the source computer and backing up the files that way. I can figure out the other problem later. After wasting time on that for awhile, I sat down to work on the web page. As i started opening up pages for editing ( in notepad ), I decided to create a batch file that would open up my most used web pages in separate notepad windows. Maximized, of course. See the batch file below, I’m afraid thats the extent of me working on the website tonight.  Goodnight!

echo ready?
start /max notepad.exe nottoogeek.html
start /max notepad.exe onlineapps.html
start /max notepad.exe onlinetools.html
start /max notepad.exe portable.html
start /max notepad.exe techytools.html
start /max notepad.exe index.html

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