Got me a new Toshiba Gigabeat today. My virtual Xp running on my Vista laptop doesn’t like it. I fought with it all day, but finally got Vistas Media player 11 to see it and sync with it…I think. I don’t like WM11 much. My other xp laptop synced with it with toshibas software… I finally got it working with both of them once i used the cradle… before that.. it was impossible.. Oh well, learn something everyday. I created my Special Bob Ustream account, from which I hope to be streaming live video from my hotel room of the pool in the upcoming weeks. I will be spending time in Norman, OK getting training for my job as an electronics tech with the post office. I plan on spending alot of time at the pool, which is the norm for me 🙂

 As for the website, I only got to add some malware links to the geek pages. I added links for Spyware blaster, spybot search and destroy, ad-aware, and a-squared free. My cyberdefender link appears to not be working… ihope thats temporary.  Well  thats it for tonight..

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