Norman, OK

Well I made it in today to Club Fed. Got here right at 12 Noon OK time. Nice drive.

I immediately set to work getting the new wireless router going with the computers… after a bunch of work, and a reset to the cable modem, I got it to work. I immediately added the webcam of the pool to the Main Website, however it seems to not work as it should. Time will tell if it’s the network here in the hotel, or my new router.

Since the thunder and lightning chased me out of the pool early tonight, I got to add a few things to the website. I added a Virtual Machines section and an Updater section to the Free Geek Tools Page. also managed to add Drivers, Passwords, and Processes/Startups sections to the Online Tools Page.

I’ve had it for tonight. Have to be to school at 7AM. Goodnight, Peace Out.

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