Ok.. So class was very boring today. Introductions, then safety BS, and then getting familiar with the machine. After Lunch  the entire lecture on Power supplies… Zzzzz..Wake up then head to the pool.. So here’s the real challenge. It’s 4 PM now, and I’ve gotta hit a weight watchers to weigh in. I’ve lost 17 lbs in the last 4 weeks prior to this last one, and I don’t want to put on more than 5 while I am down here. But.. I want to have my beer too.. Talk about rough.   So I put off weight watchers til tomorrow. Turns out theres a meeting in town at noon, I’m hoping I can go weigh in at that time… I’m dreading it.. Oh well.. Anyways, I spent tonite drinking beer by the pool with a bunch of old friends and a couple new ones. Cheers to you all, and, See you there tomorrow!! ( Someone keep the rain away ). Adios

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