Reference Webpages and Stupid Rules

Ok, so today wasn’t too bad. Had some troubleshooting of bugs in class, time flew pretty good… got to gab alot while waiting for more bugs. After lunch we had another lecture. It wasn’t as boring as yesterday. After school, (do I sound like a teenager?) ,I  got to weigh in at WeightWatchers (guess not )… lucky me, I only gained .6 lbs in the last week. ( It made me eat light tonight at dinner). So I also hung out at the pool, but damn clouds fought me the entire time and eventually they won out. So after dinner I read email, and added 3 reference type webpages to the Online Applications page, in the techy section of the website. They aren’t applications, but they are great reference pages, or starting pages. They are Wikipedia, and Check them out.

 Now I get to rant just a wee bit about Stupid Rules. In the classroom over at the school, most of the rules are pretty straightforward and understandable. No drugs, no sleeping, show up on time, yadda yadda yadda. But of course there is at least one rule, which is just plain stupid. No reading materials allowed on your desk ( theres a spot for them under your desk you can place them ) except the course materials given to you pertaining to the class. There is a break room across the hall where you can read your personal material on breaks, if you so desire. Well I personally desire to read my Maximum PC magazine, but cannot at my desk, while waiting for bugs to troubleshoot, because (and I quote) “It looks bad” for people that might be touring the building. I think it would look better than it does now, with most of the students sitting around talking about everything from A-Z, waiting and waiting for bugs. So thats my feeling on that. Stupid Rules. More proof we should not always trust those who have power over us. Until Tomorrow…..Cya Later.

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