Drinking Beer Takes Time

Yeah. The title speaks the truth. Drinking beer and playing in the pool has occupied so much of my time lately, theres just been nothing going on on the website. Priorities, ya know. I will not apologize! I had to say goodbye to a bunch of friends the last couple days. Old friends and new ones, it was the end of the week and at the end of every week, someone you know goes home. Ok, someone I know goes home. However you look at it, some people’s paid vacations to Norman, OK have ended. And here I sit.. Wastin away again in Beerville. (Wasn’t that a Jimmy Buffet tune?) Well, considering the diet thing I got goin on, I wish I was “wasting away”, but I don’t think thats happening. But like Jimmy Buffet and his song, It ain’t a bad place to be. And so I drink….and drink…and drink… and it’s light beer so I’m ok.
One of the guys from South Carolina has his wife here this weekend. Very nice. Smart, beautiful and a mother of 3 young ones. A real keeper if it wasn’t for the 3 kids, but then, they are his so I guess it’s not a deal breaker for him. Anyways, I enjoyed their company tonight, and I am sure I will tomorrow too. I really like her alot mainly cause she read my blog, bringing my readers all the way up to….2. Yeah I read my own blog occasionally. I like to go back and read what i wrote when I was slightly inebriated. the built in spellcheck didn’t kick in so i guess i spelled that right. Guess it’s not called spellcheck tho cause it didn’t like that word. Oh well. The stupid thing doesn’t flag “i” in lowercase. I guess that is a word.

Weight Watchers Update: Lost 2 pounds, weight watchers wasn’t mad after all. But that was Tuesday I went to WW and weighed in…. I’m pretty sure this coming tuesday will be a different story.

Blabbins over. And it’s not a word in my spellcheck either. Guess I’ll call it a night. Cya

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