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    It’s a beautiful August day outside. Not too hot, not too cold. I could be outside enjoying it, however, greed prevails. Since people are on vacation, and in good old Norman, OK for training, there is overtime galore here at work, and I’m sucking it up like a hungry newborn heifer. Sure, I have no home life. Pretty much no life at all. But the paychecks for the foreseeable future are going to be looking pretty sweet.

         I obviously haven’t had time to update the website, but I have been collecting more and more stuff to add to the website. I haven’t forgotten about the Calendar idea, and hopefully will be able to work on that soon. In the meantime I have updated my Toshiba Gigabeat mp3 player with an awesome firmware update called “Rockbox”. It turned an almost impossible to use device into the dream machine of mp3 players. Now it plays videos, and I can copy mp3’s on and off it with windows explorer. It couldn’t be easier. I thank my son for the idea, as he is the one that originally tried it. I’ll add the link for it somewhere on the website when I get a chance.

      In my spare time I have managed to lose another pound, install a ceiling fan/light fixture in my kitchen ( Thanks Carmen and Annie ) and repaired a laptop of one of the supervisors at work that wouldn’t boot. A monitor on my backup/print server computer at home died while I was in Oklahoma, and I still haven’t found time to replace the monitor and figure out why I can’t print from the other computers in the house, yet. My guess is we also had a power failure and the computer needs to be booted up. Maybe tomorrow. theres always tomorrow, but I think I will be working latye tomorrow too ( More overtime cash, yea baby ). Another thing I’ll be doing is adding “Combined Community Codec Pack to my laptop. It’s supposed to give you the codecs to allow you to play audio and video files on Windows that you normally wouldn’t be able to. I’m hoping it lets me use Windows Moviemaker to save video files as mpeg’s so I can play them on my gigabeat.

     Well I guess thats it for now… I’ll stop balabbing away for now and become more productive… I have a long enough list to. If you haven’t sent me an email lately, give me a shout.. I need your email address. 🙂   Seeyas

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