Big bad oops

ok   so like.. I’ve been real bad so far about posting here to the blog since I’ve been home…but worse yet, I remembered some people I just hate myself for leaving out of last weeks post… so My most sincere apologies to Trish, Patrice, and Ruben (the Sandwich). I know you are all unforgettable… how could I have??

 2 wedding receptions and a graduation party this weekend… how the hell’s a guy supposed to lose weight? Don’t think I’m gonna be happy w/ Weight Watchers meeting this week… I gotta get back on track….

 In addition, the whole web site needs to get my attention also. Since I’ve been back tho, i acquired a couple of projects to work on. One is Building a basic web site for some friends who opened a Pet motel.. it’s awesome… the motel, not the webpage.. webpage isn’t even close.

In addition I have an lcd to replace on a laptop for the stepdaughter and a friends laptop from work won’t boot and I have 2 weeks to fix it…. perfect.. I have an idea that might work.. lets hope it does, when I finally get time…

    Thats it for now.. I am tired and need sleep.  And in addition I’m tired and need sleep… and furthermore… I’m so tired if I don’t go to bed I’ll start repeating myself….. Goodnight, Goodnight.

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