Diet? What Diet?

   So I get up this morning to the wife making me eggs and bacon. ( Egg Whites and canadian bacon,,, good stuff ) Just to make sure I’m full, because I know we are going to the NY State Fair today for a while, I mix up some cottage cheese with a touch of honey and some cinnamon. So we’re off to the fair, and first thing we do is walk like 4 or 5 hundred miles to a location a friend of ours is waiting to start in a parade. We are not walking in the parade, thank god, so thats a plus. However, the parade is ending back where we entered the fairgrounds, so we just have to go the 4 or 5 hundred miles back to where we can meet after the parade is over. Ok, I’ve gotten enough exercise, lets eat!! For starters.. Fried Dough!! yum.. covered with sugar and cinnamon. Perfect. That ought to curb the urges for all this delicious fair food. Oh wait, the wife wants bbq pork. I think I’ll take a 1/2 lb bbq burger while we’re here. Mmmmmm..Pretty good burger. That’ll hold me over for sure. But wait, there’s more.  Lets get a beer, and while we’re here, them there fried pineapple chunks dusted with powdered sugar look good….taste good too. Yum. Ok, so now what. Maybe it’s time to stop eating? But them Garlic Chicken wings sound really tasty, I wonder if they are as good as Buffalo Wings. I Love garlic stuff. Nope. They aren’t quite as good as Buffalo wings, but they were sure tasty! I think at this point I am probably setting a food eating world record anyways, so I might as well go for the gold. Since my ankle is killing me for having walked the equivalent of back and forth to the moon, I figure food is a good painkiller today. Hence, the Onion Petals, or deep fried onion or whatever… We seek.. we find… they’re out! How the hell can ya be out of onions??? So I order the smothered French fries… covered heavily with cheese and bacon. Not bad. Not as good as the Onion I was hoping to devour, but the plateful weighed at least a pound, so they made up in quantity, what they lacked in taste. My stomache is probably in shutdown mode, but after standing around for a while, watching Joe Diffie sing songs like “Welcome to earth ( 3rd rock from the sun ),” and “Prop me up beside the jukebox”, We’re ready to go home. But wait, I can’t leave without going over to the “Enormous Onion” place and fulfilling my onion desire and getting the extra horseradish sauce. I just about had it killed off when I got to the car.

          Forgive me Weight Watchers for I have sinned….

                    All is good now!         ( And I’ve added some links to several of the techie pages, as well as a very handsome picture of myself on the home page )

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