Cool new toy – PayPal Security Key

 Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee it came. Not that it’s lifechanging or anything, but it’s a new gizmo/gadget/toy and whenever I get a new one in the mail, well, I smile, because I like toys. And it’s only $5.00.  How can you go wrong? When you can buy these things for like $30.00 everywhere else, It makes me smile, even if it can’t be used everywhere..yet!  What is it? (Does this sound like a commercial?) With absolutely no kickbacks or other monetary exchange to my benefit, I am happy to announce that I have received the new PayPal Security Key. Everyone who uses PayPal should go get one. ($5.00=cheap) You can get one at What’s it do? Well it is a little device that can attach to your keychain that, when you press a button, gives you a 6 digit number. The number changes every 30 seconds too. Neat huh? Well the neat part is when you activate it on PayPal. As a security measure, you will now need to add this 6 digit number to your password to log into PayPal. Since it changes every 30 seconds, you have a constantly changing pasword, that only you can know, because only you know the number on YOUR Security Key, which is different than every other person’s that owns one of these gizmos. Sweeeeeeeet! Even sweeter?  It works at Ebay too! YES!!!

 Try it out, let me know what you think. There’s another little feature of this thing that’s not advertised, however was recently covered on Steve Gibson’s Security Now podcast. It pertains to something clled “OpenID”. I’ll blog it when I sign up. 🙂  Hasta La Vista Bay-Bee!

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