Why I didn’t go to college

 Holy higher education Batman!! I didn’t want to be bothered with the whole college thing when I was a Senior in High school, so  I “stupidly” joined the Navy.  It was a great idea at the time. Free education, travel, room and board….can’t beat it eh? Fortunately for the kid, He wasn’t so “smart”.  A good dose of college and a degree leads to much more money. Guess I taught him something. I read online or in one of them business magazines, that a college graduate will make more than a million dollars more than the non-college grad, in their lifetime. If thats an average, then this kid’s gonna make millions more.

    But first, there’s Deciding on the college, and getting all the necessary requirements filled. So with him deciding on a Computer Science degree, we narrowed the schools down to MIT, RIT, RPI, Kettering, and SUNYIT. We’ll probably add a couple more, but it’s a start. The chance of an MIT acceptance letter is slim, but alot better than any lottery, and I’m not about to stop buying lottery tickets based solely on the odds.

   Now that we have college names, theres the ” What are the requirements to apply”. This is where we learn that there is such a thing as “specialized SAT tests”. I put that in quotes because that’s not what they are called, unless you’re an idiot and you read this blog.  They are really called SAT Subject Tests.  Specialized 1 Hour SAT tests in biology or chemistry or physics, and Math I and Math II. MIT ( and only MIT  of the ones we picked “I think” ) requires one science and one math subject tests to be taken.  What’s the difference between Math I and Math II???  Beats the tar out of me. That’s one of the great mysteries I have yet to find out. I’m sure it’s somewhere on www.collegeboard.com , but I have yet to find it. I’m hoping our meeting with the guidance counselor next week will shed a little light on it. In any case, looks like he’ll be spending Nov, 3rd taking more SAT tests, in addition to the regular SAT he takes on Oct 6th.

   So now the college Visits… We schedule RIT for October 8th. Great, Columbus Day, perfect. The Kid and I both have the day off anyways. The following day I take a vacation day so we can visit MIT. He has that day off school also anyways. Strangely MIT requires no registration to visit like the others. But wait…now we also want to visit SUNYIT and RPI.  RPI is easy, We can visit them on October 19th.  It’s a friday, I’ll have it off, and the kid can miss the day from school.  SO now there’s just SUNYIT.. And they have 2 open houses a year.. only one in the fall…on a day I can’t make it great!!!. But wait, there’s a “Discovery Day” we can attend… CRAP!! it’s on October 8th….Colombus Day. We register anyway, and now I have to reschedule the RIT visit to another day. Veterans Day Open House is a sunday.  I think I have it off work, but have to find out… So we’ll go then..

I can’t wait til we start working on Scholarships!!

I’m in a good mood tho…Weight Watchers has me down 30 lbs!!! as of Tuesday. In a couple years I should weigh 50 lbs at the rate I’m going 🙂  Lets hope not. Guess thats it for now. Website has been on backburner for a few days, as I sell stuff on Craigslist and get ready to send the kid to college next year. Oh yeah, if you want to donate to a deserving kids future, email me and I would gladly accept any and all donations via Paypal, Cash, Check, Money Order, S&H Green Stamps or Joraian Dinar. That last ones Jordan’s currency and just thrown in there to flag the blog by the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, RIAA, NRA, CPA  or whatever other idiot might be spying on me and think I’m a potential terrorist.

        Terror maybe, but certainly not an ist!    Adios!

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