Special Bob, Phd.

     So my son just wants to go to college, what’s the big deal. It turns out the only thing easy about going to college is…..That’s it!!  There is nothing easy about going to college. Well maybe going to college is easy, that remains to be seen, but getting accepted, well there’s another story. It takes a college degree in organization ( Hence the Phd. in the title ) , to schedule all the crap associated with this. Lets see, there’s the chat with the guidance counselor ( over and done with, for now ), campus visits, I know I’ve got MIT, RIT, Geneseo, and SUNYIT scheduled and registered.  Actually MIT didn’t require registering, dunno what’s up with that. I still have to do RPI I believe. I think. I hope. Whatever. I’ll do it in a minute.

      Deadlines. Every single freaking college has these “deadlines” like the worlds going to come to an end if you don’t meet them. And since all the colleges have them, and none are the same, you have to keep track of them all ( Somehow ). I set up an online calendar at www.30boxes.com . It seems to do the job, although I’m not super happy with it. Anyways, myself, the kid and the wife can all go there and see the schedule of our visits at anytime. Now I just have to input all the deadlines in there… 

   It’s not over, once all the colleges are happy, it’s on to the scholarships. I need more time.  Got any to spare?  Enough ranting for now. The only update I’ve done to the website is add Google AdSense so that now everyone gets ads on most of the pages. Someday maybe they’ll send me money. Time will tell. Thats it for now. Ciao. Special Bob OUT!

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