I wanna go to college too!!

   So as the quest begins to find that “Perfect” college for the idiot ( My Son ), we find ourselves sitting here in a La Quinta motel just off the Massachusettes Turnpike near Worcester ( Thats “Whoosta” to you Massachusettes folk ) Mass. Today we started out on the road bright and early to SUNY IT. Now on the surface, and the website, SUNY IT looks like an awesome school. And, to give it it’s due credit, I have to say that I myself would LOOOVE to go there.  However, If you ask me if I want my son to go there… the answer is, Only as a last resort. The Computer Science department is the Colleges biggest draw, and I am sure they give a quality education. The buildings look very well taken care of, and it’s extremely small size, despite being layed out over quite a few acres in a scenic / rustic type of countryside atmosphere ( is this a run-on sentence??)  is very appealing to me, not to mention they offer an inexpensive Masters program attainable in as little as 4 1/2 years.  However, it didn’t take 20 minutes of glancing around at the other prospective students, and a look at their acceptance minimum requirements, to realize that there HAS to be better out there. I don’t mean to put the school down, because from the sounds of it, it looks to be a school where the students that had trouble in high school, just might be able to pull off a Bachelor’s degree, possibly a Master’s. Such a small school, where everyone seems to know everyone else, and in my mind I have no doubts they do, is the perfect school for those of us not gifted with excellent learning abilities. For this reason, I give mega kudos to the school, and would encourage any kid wanting the degrees but cursed with brains much like my own, to apply and go for it. I know “the idiot” has a better future. And the food ( free lunch ) pretty much sucked.

     I haven’t had the chance to do crap on the website. So Sue me!

    So i gave the wife a new GPS for our anniversary. ( Happy Anniversary! ) It took us right to the doorstep of SUNYIT. ( Yes I really did buy it for HER!) Then we trekked here to Whoosta, Mass and it took us right to the doorstep of the hotel 3 doors away. ( Oops )  We found our way here anyways. Then we asked it to find us food. Spent almost an hour going less than 5 miles away. After going to a couple places that aren’t where the GPS said they were, it took us right to Friendly’s, where i proceeded to continue the non-diet eating I’d done all day.   Thank God the gps found our way back to this damn hotel, because despite being just a few miles away, we must have made 6 or 8 turns to get here. I like it.

    We’re off to M.I.T. tomorrow.. We really aren’t expecting “the idiot” will get in, but it’s the school I’d like to see him at, and we’re all rooting for him. If you happen to know anyone that can assist us in this venture, we’d appreciate the help.   Thanks

       Signing off and goin to bed in Whoosta, Mass.    Nita 

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