What’s the deal with Blogs?

   Ok, first let me say that I am only a beginner in the world of blogging. Since I am learning, what I say here will be very basic. But since I am certain not everyone understands the power of blogs, and other RSS feeds, I wanted to share what little I know, at least as it pertains to my blog.

   Most every blog I have come across is available as an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed. This just means that with the right program, you can subscribe to the RSS feed, and if the content on the website has been updated, the new content wil be automatically downloaded to your RSS reader program.  I believe all major browsers have RSS support built in. Before I started this posting, I went to the little button on the bottom left of my site labeled “Entries (RSS)” and clicked it. A pop up showed up that I needed to click a button to add the site as an RSS feed. Now I haven’t seen what happens now when this site gets updated, but somehow, Internet Explorer (7) is supposed to let me know it’s been updated and deliver the new content to me. Simple.

    Another way is to have a separate program for your RSS feeds. I have added to the portable apps page of the techy section a news reader called “Great News” and that can be downloaded from http://www.curiostudio.com/ .  I ran the install program and then, to add a feed I clicked on the “Add a News Feed link in the main window. You can also click “Feed” on the menu bar and click “Add”. It looks for feeds on whatever site your on and fills in what is needed. If it doesn’t, you can also copy the url the feed is on and put that in where it says “Feed URL(*)”. Then just click next and follow the directions. Feeds will be downloaded automatically. Works beautifully. If you need any help setting this up, just email me at bob@specialbob.com.

   In addition to Great News, I also downloaded and installed Notepad++ Portable, which is a great little portable text editor. The thing I like about it, is that when I use it for editing html web pages, text shows up black, html tags are red and links and other stuff is blue. It’s a great little text editor for HTML.

  As for the diet, I’m at a Plateau. Yuck. As for colleges, I’m still stressed. Yuck.  Since things have gotten “Yucky” in this entry, I guess I’ll call it a night. Niters!!

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