RPI vs. SUNY Geneseo

   So we visited RPI on Friday and SUNY Geneseo on Saturday.  A Definite Night and Day Scenario, although not quite as drastic as MIT vs. SUNYIT.  Without a doubt, RPI is a definite ” I want to go to that school ” kind of school. The enthusiasm of the Dean of admissions as well as our tour guide, of whom I don’t know his exact title, was tremendous. And why not? The school can’t help but brag about it’s soon to be opened amphitheatre which when completed will be the 3rd most acoustically perfect building in the world.  And of course one of their latest research breakthroughs dealing with an ” invisible paint” that absorbs soooooo much light, as to make things appear “invisible?” And then there’s the sticky nano substance they have for gloves that brings up visions of students climbing their buildings like spider-man, if only in our minds right now, lets you believe that the reality is somewhere in the near future.  How about the worlds fastest supercomputer ona campus? Yes the list goes on, one reason after another, why this college stands out high above many. As for Geneseo? Well it has promise of a great education, and prestige among colleges across the country, which is pretty good for a State School. But after visiting MIT and RPI, makes you want to put it on the list of schools you will be willing to go to, if the best ones don’t take you. Or, for the money minded, an excellent school on a budget. But for my future, I would want to spare no expense. Many times I have heard wise men say that the best investment you can ever make is in yourself, and in the long run, I think the best bang for your buck is going to be a large private University, without a doubt. There is hope, because, unlike MIT, RPI accepts alot of transfers, and therefore, if not accepted as a freshman, I’d shoot to get in there my Sophomore and Junior years too.

    Now that I’ve got that out of me, I can say this. I think I’m more stressed out about the whole college acceptance thing than my son. This is probably a good thing. But only since I have gone to visit these colleges do I really really now understand the difference between going to the 2 year community college, the State College and the Private University.  Years ago I would have wanted the first couple years to be done in a community college, sparing the large expense of the more expensive schools. Not anymore. There’s too much to gain as a freshman in the big school, and so much to lose, if you take the cheap way out. I guess in the long run, once again, as in most aspects of life, you get what you pay for.  You can have the burger, I want the Lobster Tail!!!

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