So much going on, so little time.

    I have no idea where all the time goes, except maybe driving in the car back and forth to work maybe, but it seems every day that 24 hours is less and less like 24 hours and more and more like 16 hours. In any case, I have been busy, just unable to update the blog.

       One thing I have been doing is loading up the laptop, especially the xp virtual machine I have loaded on it. I updated my kubuntu partition with the latest, and that seems to work ok, although at first my wireless card didn’t seem to work, when i sat down with enough time to troubleshoot it and get it working, it was working on boot. Go figure.

    On the XP partition I have loaded a ton of stuff, limiting my need to load stuff into Vista. I noticed with Juice, my podcast catching client, some of the folders that the podcasts are saved to are different than what they used to be. Not sure why, and thats something I need to fix, well, sorta. My batch file I wrote to move all the podcasts from their downloaded directories to a temporary directory for copying onto my toshiba gigabeat, has been screwed up by the change in directory names. Most of the directories are the same, but a few are different, and the changed ones contain a character like >> in them, which I’ll have to figure outhow to duplicate in Dos I guess…. we shall see.

      Weight Watchers was happy this week. At least I was happy going. Since last week I missed the meeting due to the season finale of a modified football season ( they won YAY! ), I was happy going back to see that according to their scale I lost 4 and 1/2 pounds. Pretty good because I’ve been on a plateau for about 5 weeks and this takes me down to where I haven’t been since I started losing. So at present I have lost 38.5 lbs.

      Saturday the idiot and I go to RIT to check out their campus… I’m sure I’ll definitely have something to blog about there…  I guess thats about it for now, nothing too exciting, which may explain my lack of blogging, but check back in the future as I plan on updating the website over the next few days. Adios Amigos

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