I’m Back!

 It went ok and once again I refreshed my memory as to why it’s so important to backup backup backup.  In restoring my computer’s C drive to factory new condition I caused some of my programs, mainly my virtual machines, to be broken. So now after a few days of reloading stuff, I have my laptop back to almost optimum usability. I still have a few things to add, but my XP virtual machine is now big enough to do some serious heavy duty playing around in. Excellent!! 

    Since I’ve been working so much I haven’t had time to do much but reinstall necessary programs, so I haven’t much new to throw up here. The VirtualBox software I am running from innotek has been updated since I last used it, and it has a nice shutdown feature thats new, otherwise I haven’t noticed much. Anyways, I need to shower and get to bed but look soon for more neat and new stuff soon. Niters!

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