Someone has to do it!

   So here I am, back in good old Norman, Oklahoma. My summer home, but it’s not quite the same as being here in summer. I just arrived today, a few hours ago, and by chance, I got a room overlooking the pool. It’s all covered up, as are the jacuzzis. It’s just sad. Not my favorite time to be here, but someone has to do it, and hopefully the time I would have otherwise wasted consuming adult beverages by the pool, I can spend on learning to do some things with the webpage, and losing a few more pounds too. Time will tell. I weighed myself as soon as I got here. According to this scale I was 387 pounds. I’ll track my progress over the next 3 weeks. My goal while I am here is to lose 15 pounds, which will make me 372. Watch out!

     I ran into a couple of people I know already. One was someone I haven’t seen in many years, that I used to work with. Nice to see them both.  I haven’t hit the Gym yet, but I plan on it in the morning. My class doesn’t start til 9 AM…gives me some workout time and eating time… hmm Will I gain weight or lose? Dang…decisions decisions.

    Something I learned about today listening to podcasts on my trip down, was a new Linux distribution I’ll have to try out, and from the sounds of it, everyone should. It’s based on Kubuntu ( my favorite ) but allows you to easily click and add all the codecs and such that alot of normal Linux distros don’t come with. It’s called Klikit-Linux and can be found at . I am sure I’ll check it out and review it while I am down here, and add it to the Linux page on the website.

    I have already changed one thing on the website, and that was long overdue, but I finally removed the Black friday Websites from my Shopping page, which you can find at .  Dave from work can stop complaining now.

       I guess thats about it for now, I need to find something to eat. I should be able to blog everyday while I’m down here, and hopefully edit the website each day too.  Check back often. 🙂   Laters, ya all   (Thats oklahoman talk for “Bye”)

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