The first day of classes are always so boring it’s pitiful. Staying awake is like the hardest thing to do. It’s not the instructor’s fault, in fact, considering the same ole same ole topics of safety, rules, lockout tagout, and simple startup / shutdown procedures, the instructors in this course seem to be lively enough, and fun enough, that it was actually tolerable. But having an outgoing and fun personality isn’t enough sometimes, at least not when the material you’re dishing out has been dished out to most of the students several ( several several even ) times already in the past. But it was expected. In fact, this blogpost was expected. I certainly didn’t expect to be writing what an awesome first day of class I had. Although if one of the instructors was a sexy female goddess that liked to tease the hell out of her students….well that would have been nice to blog about. Such is the imagination of a guy 1400 miles from his wife. It’s better the instructors are male and not frustrating the class members for the dreaded weeks ahead.

           Didn’t do anything online tonight with the website, however I did download wordpress, and  plan on moving the blog to the main website, if I get it working right while I am down here. I found this great podcast  at which by chance is called “WordPress Installation Podcast”.  And to give credit where credit is due, I heard about it on the Mike Tech Show Podcast found at . The best podcast out there, in my opinion. Anyways.. thats it for tonight.. I am sooo exhausted…hopefully tomorrow is more exciting. Talk at ya later!!

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