Happy New Year

   Yada Yada Yada… I am extremely late in finally getting around to writing this post, and for those of you who actually make it here to read it, or have subscribed to receive it via RSS, I apologize.  Been busy, to say the least.

   New Years Eve was awesome.. Had a great dinner at the Conesus Inn, an awesome restaurant on Conesus Lake. You can check out their website at www.conesusinn.com . I had the scallops and delmonico steak. Everything was exactly as I expected, which was super-excellent. Enough said.

    I did not get my new car until yesterday, but I now have it, and things can be back to normal, at least pertaining to me having my own transportation. Not having a car is just horrible. But now a brand new Toyota Corolla sits in my driveway. It reminds me of driving the Hyundai Accent I owned before I got the now deceased Kia Optima, so getting used to it was quick and painless.

   I got my DBA today so that “Special Bobs PC Repair” is now officially in business. I even had time to open a checking account for it today. It’s a start. There’s alot more to do, especially with the website, but at least I’ve begun. I’m pretty much ready for customer’s, if nothing else.

  Got some things accomplished with www.wagspetmotel.com and www.wagsmotel.com. They too, are just a beginning, and eventually they will mature to be much more than they are today. Check them out and let me know what you think. HTML is NOT my specialty.

    I guess thats the latest in news. I am working on getting the Specialbob.com blog up and running and this blog will be for personal stuff /miscellaneous stuff, and that one will contain stuff related to the main website and business.

   Thats it for now. Hope everyone is off to a good start to a great new year.

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