Special Bob…Come on down… You’re the next contestant…on…The Price..

       The price is good enough…  So there will now be a new SpecialBobMobile in the very near future.  It seems the KIA dealership I took my 2004 Optima decided my timing belt was broke… and after 2 days waiting for a call back from “Tech Support” they decided that  it was time I consider buying a new car, and would I like to talk with their salesman? Ummm.. NO!… So they’re telling me this car has a zero clearance engine and therefore probably has more damage than just the timing belt… What’s the deal?? Is this the first time they’ve seen this problem that it has to take them 2 days to get back to me to tell me that to replace the timing belt is $475.00, but that might not fix the car, because the engine was designed so poorly that when the timing belt breaks, well, the engine parts smash into each other and die….or something to that effect anyways… well fine.. but I don’t want to talk to one of YOUR salesmen…not when I had to call you guys, and nobody returned my calls at all…not ONCE!! for 3 days in a row, to find out what they apparently should have known on day 1!!.. Give me a Break! Nope… in fact if I decide someday to buy a KIA.. it will be at the OTHER  KIA dealership in town…. Thanks but no thanks.

       So it looks like I’ll be driving around a brand new Toyota Corolla tomorrow… Silver, I’m told. As long as it runs… I’d take Fluorescent Orange if I had to….Anyways.. we’ll see.. Maybe perhaps my luck will change 1st of the year…. God only knows… I do know a few things are looking up.

               Car died ———- New car

               Belt broke———New Belt

               Headphones lost ———-New headphones

              It looks like everything I use every day is breaking…  or getting lost…. so like stuff I use every day is all going to be brand new before long… and thats a good way to start a new year…. As long as it’s not my computer 🙂

       Diet update :     What Diet??

      New Years Eve is coming and I am going to feast….and Feast Well.. with some guys from work… And on that very happy note I am going to go to bed… and sleep good, cause tomorrow I am hopefully driving a new car around…  Happy New Year to me.       And a New Car can be yours, Special Bob, IF the Price is Right!   Vroom Vroom

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