Is there time for anything?

     No… Right now I feel I have time for nothing. I can’t believe how much time is being consumed by puppies, and college. I did find time to put the camera back online. Last week Pepper managed to move the kennel around the dining room causing major chaos, so now the puppies are relocated into the kitchen, and the laptop, which somehow survived a fall in the chaos is back up and running, allowing the video of the pups to be spread all over the world, if someone by chance wanted to watch them. Right now as I speak, however, the light in the kitchen is off and you can only see darkness on the video feed. It looked good earlier though.

      My course at OCC is great, I am super enthused, although it is far more challenging than I expected. I think my memory isn’t what it used to be, causing me to have to re-read things over and over. Not to mention the interuptions and distractions that seem to inundate me constantly whenever I am trying to study. It’s worth it. I love it… I hope my enthusiasm continues, and my ability to get my studying done exists.

    Taxes are done, and the FAFSA has been filled out for the son’s college hopes. Not much more to report there… Waiting anxiously for tex refund. Been on the go constantly so the diet’s been shot.

      Thats it for tonight.. Adios for now

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