Weight Loss???

  Yessirreeee…  6 lbs this week.. how I pullled it off I don’t know, but somehow amidst the chaos I guess I didn’t eat a whole lot… I’ll take what I can get… in any case, I’m only  a few poiunds from my weight watchers low. Now that I’m going regularly again, I have no doubt I’ll be there in a week or 2. And.. the “prescrption” came in from my doctor setting my goal weight only a mere 80 lbs from where I am now, better than the 110 I thought I had to lose.  So here we go.

    Not much new, the puppies are fine, I need to get some more pictures up of them, but for now, anyone who wants to see them will have to settle for the webcam, as I haven’t found the time to get new pics of them lately. Thats it for now, got some studying to do…ciao for now.

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