Whats been happening….

      Since my post at Myrtle Beach, a few things have happened… The son finally got financed to go to RIT, and for the past couple weeks has been there. Move in was exciting.. for me if not for him.. I’m excited for him anyways.

      Went to the State Fair on Labor Day. Not for anything special, just to eat all the food ( again ). We checked out the Llamas and goats and a bunch of other farm animals, saw some seals, but didn’t wait around for the show… and mainly walked around eating varios things wherever we went… the deep fried pineapples, deep fried oreo’s and garlic chicken wings were the best….

     Work has been a pain in the Butt, with people out for vacations and schooling, and the Postal Service trying too hard to limit the amount of overtime they give out.  In a nutshell, the management that thinks they can have less people doing more work are dreamers or slave drivers, or a combination of both… And what i see is people taking shortcuts to get done what they have to do, to satisfy managements requirements for their reports, in the amount of time allowed. In effect, less important stuff is getting done, but at least the reports look good.

     I myself have started another course at the local community college, called Internetworking 1. It seems to be basically a prepatory for the CCNA test, which I’d like to take someday anyways. Maybe sooner rather than later…  I’m in my second week and love it.

    Kids are back to school, and the stepdaughter who happened to hurt her ankle while sliding around myrtle beach, got her cast off yesterday. Yay!!

    That’s about it for now..  Check out the main website at www.specialbob.com

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