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   Today I have been playing around with some programs and websites. I won’t bother going into the ones that didn’t work out, but lets just say that a program designed for Vista doesn’t necessarily work on my Vista machine… but the one I played with uninstalled in about 3 seconds. Ahhh life is good.

    First website link I added to my website tonight is . A huge number of tweaks. Check out line 55 right side for being able to download 10 files at once instead of XP’s default of 3.

 Next I added a couple of sites for tech help. In Beta, and free while in beta, is which is I didn’t check it out much but it seems like it has potential. The Next one I added was which is another tech support site, and comes highly recommended by the Computer America Show. 

  Another thing I added was  which is a link to Dial-A-Fix, a little program that fixes a bunch of known windows problems. Good thing to try first thing on a pc giving you problems.

Just a note on something that didn’t work out for me. Tiddlywiki is a one page wiki that is merely an html file that you can easily edit. It uses javascript I guess and was recommended by a podcast I listen too, however I found it not very pleasing to the eye.  But give it a try and let me know what you think. You can find it at  .  

     Now I must say good night for another day. Good night all.  

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  1. Ussa says:

    I went to per your recommendation for FREE SESSION and got a great online support from Dr Tech. He helped me move my audio files from an old Olympus recorder. He downloaded the newest software (the one I had was outdated) and trained me about it. It was a breeeeeze. The guys there seem busy, I wanted to contact TomorroWWW who wrote in his description something I could really relate to: “Training Computers To Understand People Since 1984. :-):
    Thanks for the recommendation. Added this site to my favourites!

  2. Saq says:

    Sorry to hear that TiddlyWiki did not work out for you. You might be interested to know that TiddlyWiki is very skinnable. You can find a collection of themes (skins) at

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