Where’s the Beef??

      Here’s the beef! Although at the time I am posting this blog, the items mentioned will not ( I repeat, NOT) be on my website, I assure you I am updating the HTML of my webpages as I write this entry. I will be unable to upload the new pages to the website because I am currently in a secret, high security, undisclosed location.  That being the case, I will upload undisclosed pages to undisclosed website at my earliest undisclosed convenience.  So now that I’m totally sick of that word, lets get to the meat of the additions.

     The first thing I did to the pages, was fix 2 major errors I left on them when I edited them a couple of nights ago. There’s probably more, however, I’ve only found the 2 as of right now. One on the techy tools page, and one on the new Semi-geek page.  It’s what I get for not doublechecking my work.

     The First addition I added was http://www.threatexpert.com/  which is a website that will scan a file you upload for various types of security threats ( virus, worms, malware, spyware, etc ) and report back to you on what it found. Good stuff if you have a suspicious file.

    Next I added http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fid,64963-order,1-page,1/description.html to the portable apps page.  It has a great little utility there from HP for formatting a USB device, and directions how to add a few files to make it bootable. Thanks to HP and PCWorld.com for that.

   Next I added http://camtech2000.net/index.htm to the left side of the techy tools page, under “collections of tools”, and if you visit this page, you’ll see why. They have a ton of utilities and such for windows. I originally was going to add just “hidden utilities xp” program, but this site has Soooooo much more to offer. Check them out!

     OK, so now I have added a new page to the site, one I’ve been meaning to add for a while, which is a “How To” page. It may be  a while before you see it on the page, as I need to add some more content before it goes up, but if theres a how to item you are interested in related to computers, drop me a line and let me know.

       To the “Tech help online” section of “Online apps” I added  http://www.retrevo.com/ which seems to be just a fancy search engine, but it was recommended by a PC Magazine for getting all sorts of info about various consumer electronics goods.

      To the Techy Tools page I added a section for Rescue CD’s, and added http://ebcd.pcministry.com/ which is an Emergency Boot CD useful for all sorts of neat things.

     On the Shopping Page :  http://www.shop4tech.com/ . Need I describe it??

    Techy tools Hard drive utilities : http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=287 . This website lists links to different diagnostic software and utilities from different manufacturer’s of hard drives. Good Stuff.

    On the Online Apps Page : http://www.openlibrary.org/  which has a few books you can read, right online. Also I added http://www.spock.com/ which is a People Search site.

    Last but not least, on the nottoogeek Page, I added http://www.maxthon.com which seems to be a small full-featured web browser that not too many people are using. I expect to be using it on my laptop soon.

       Well thats it for now.  I probably will be adding more stuff to the site before you know it, but I don’t expect to be listing everything I add all the time, so browse around the site. There’s some great stuff there, at www.specialbob.com .






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