Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!!

 There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….etc etc.. Yeah yeah..  I am NOT wearing any ruby red slippers and because of the blizzard goin on  “at home”, I think I’ll just stay down here in the land of OZ or wherever the heck this place is. The temperature got up to over 70 today and I didn’t even need a jacket..whoo hoooooo. Lions and tigers and bears are no where to be found either Yipppee.

    Workout and Feeders and Weightwatchers oh my.  So I spent the morning in the gym, for the first real workout in all the years I have been down here. Not a strenuous workout, but for me, a workout nonetheless. I biked and I lifted some weights….enough to get heavy breathing and sore legs, but nothing that was “too much” thankfully. Then the excitement in class today was of course Our feeder alignment on this stupid machine I am supposed to be learning… I did pretty good, although first time through on the test something went funky and it kinda burped on me. 2nd attempt went smooth as silk. Then came weight watchers… I weighed in and found out their scale here declared I gained 1.6 lbs….. which may or not be true…  here they weigh you by the tenth of a pound… back home they round it to the nearest 1/2 pound, and always round down I think… so were I still at home, on the same scale they may have recorded me as only gaining 1.5 lbs… Hey   gotta look at every positive I can.  I did meet a nice girl there who at least was nice to chat with while waiting for the meeting to start. Beautiful too, I couldn’t help noticing, but even if I were single and young, I’d think she was way out of my league. She didn’t look like she should be at weight watchers, maybe she lost the 5 lbs she set out to lose already, who knows. But what was interesting was that she was in college, and in fact she is going to OU set on her way to get her law degree… now anyone who knows anything about me knows, that the word “college” has my interest these days… and it wasn’t bad enough this girl had looks, and youth, and brains.. but she has her degree in business and working on her law degree… must be nice. Yeah  I’m jealous..  sheesh

     Anyways, tomorrow might have some good news. I can only imagine what right now, but I am getting to bed early enough Maybe my workout tomorrow morning will be twice as good as todays..  hasta la vista bey-be!

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