What a wild weekend!!!

    NOT!!!   No wild weekend for me… this place is worse than a ghost town. It doesn’t help that the temperature is about 29 degrees and there are icicles hangin off everything. Nope… not a wild weekend out in the wild west this week. I must have wandered around this hotel a dozen times yesterday and other than maybe a dozen people eating at dinnertime, I think the most people I saw were about 6.. and that includes the lobby, dining area and the lounge…  Guess everyone had a rough week at classes.

    Friday night was ok, tho, as I was able to dispose of a few beers with some of the guys from class. It isn’t the worst class of fuddy duddy’s I’ve been in. Saturday I woke up to get my hair cut at 9:30… for those that don’t know it, The hotel has a new salon/hair shop down next to the gym, close to the North exit doors of the building. And I was surprised to find Edaa, who was formerly the hotel’s hottest cleaning lady, is now the beautician/barber for the place. Those who may not remember her by name will definitely remember her as the babe out at the pool who was there on weekends with her daughter, and of course, that everyone couldn’t help but admire her beauty (that’s “stare at” for you thick headed ones). Ahh Yes, Edaa has a new career and I expect everyone to go get your hair cut, your beard trimmed, your nails painted, or whatever floats your boat, and remember to tip her well!! No cheap bastards!

   In my free time, I’ve been helping a friend transfer his newly established domains, to godaddy.com for webhosting. However, attempting to transfer, is more like it. Since the original domains were purchased through Dynaserve.com, and we are trying to get them to transfer to godaddy.com, we are finding it is incredibly complex.For future reference, I have to recommend going with Godaddy or 1and1.com ( I use 1and1.com) for the purchase and hosting all in one, because at this point we’ve gotten an authorization decline to move at least one of the 2 domain names, based on a minimum time limit agreement or something or other. I’ll be calling dynaserve to try and stgraighten it out tomorrow during business hours. Hopefully I’ll have nice things to blog about, otherwise, expect me to rip into someone!

      Hey  I guess I’m about blogged out for now.. other than 4 hours prancing around Oklahoma City going to different flea markets yesterday, the place is pretty boring… so I guess It’s a good time to add content to the website.  Catch ya laters.

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