The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    The Good is that I’ll be going home Thursday, and hopefully the weather will be decent for the ride home.

   The Bad is that I’m here now, and most of the friends I’ve made here have gone home. Good for them I realize, but bad for myself, and I can be selfish at times like this. I hope to meet up with you all again, and inside I know I will.. I have to.. it’s part of my future and I know it… good times, better times even, are yet to be had here in good old Norman. Special shout outs to Special “K” (aka Tall B ) and “MadDog” Mark, both from the Pacific Northwest, and also to “GQ” Jeff of Michigan, and Keith of North Carolina. Thanks also to Randy of San Diego, Ron from Boston, and Jay from New York. You all have made this potentially horrible trip to OK more than tolerable. Some even, in some ways, unforgettable. Thanks to the ice-storm, probably unforgettable for most anyways. Fortunately, most of Norman and OK City has their power back now and things are back to normal….or so it seems at least.

     The Ugly… 4 more days… need I say more?

   I did my laundry today, that was exciting… but more so was getting the website of my close friends pet motel “online”, despite much work to do, I finally have them online at . Check it out and send me critiques… lots more to do.. working on it seems painfully slow.. as I’m really not very good with graphics.. trying to get the main graphic just right….at least how they want it… I’m learning as I go. This weekend I also created a new blog, which eventually will take the place of this one…. there isn’t anything there yet, as I need to pick out a “theme” for the blog. Something I really don’t want to do.. but must be done. Right now it’s got the generic theme that all wordpress blogs have, and I really need more than that…..cuz I’m special… Anyways, you can bookmark for future reference if you want, it’ll be located at .  As I said   nothing there right now.. but soon this blog will be. I have to move because this blog won’t let me do the things I want to with it, and running wordpress myself will allow me to do whatever I want with it. Not sure what I’ll do with this one yet, maybe I’ll keep it for personal stuff, and use the other one for business / website stuff…. we’ll have to see.

     Had a great Mexican dinner at a place in town tonight with 3 guys from class… it beats the food in this joint… and I am totally stuffed still… and that was hours ago… Spent the rest of the night playing trivia on tv’s in the lounge/bar with Chris and Clare from Michigan…. it killed a few hours at least… now it’s bedtime… and more evil school tomorrow. Such is life..  I coulda been a ditch digger instead….. 

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