The excitement is killing me!!

   Ok, so maybe it’s the lack of excitement. I’m here in this hotel, and half of Norman is without power because of the ice storm. We ourselves were without power this morning until after lunchtime, running on backup generators to provide a little lighting and the elevators that kept me from walking 5 flights of stairs to my room. The food has been ok, considering the lack of power, but tonight, with power, the food sucked. That’s an understatement. I’m guessing they tried to cook it before we had power, then finished cooking it when we got power…  oh well… it goes with the atmosphere.

       You look out the window and see nothing but ice covered trees, and half them trees are on the ground and the other half are missing branches… gonna be some work for cleanup crews in a couple days. In the meantime, locals calling around town for a hotel are finding they are all full, but the local Marriot is sending people here for $100.00 per night. So for $100.00 per night, these locals get to enjoy this wonderful atmosphere too. You’d think with all the locals here it’d be more exciting… but no..  boooring locals I guess. The exciting ones are weathering out the storm with no power I guess… makes sense when I look at it that way. Invite some friends over and drink heavily hoping the power comes on… thats way more exciting than checking into a hotel full of postal workers. Can’t blame them.

      Well another day gone and tomorrow always brings more hope… I could be back at home working through the christmas rush… so I guess I have to be thankful I’m here for that. In any case, I should be working on the website but have lacked the motivation.. perhaps tomorrow…theres always hope.

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