I’m Home….and Maplight.org

  Home finally…yay…glad to be gone from Oklahoma…glad to be home….not gonna be glad to go back to work…  Can I retire yet?? Forget the depressing stuff.. lets get angry instead..

       So on my way home, (21 hours driving ) I got to listen to a bunch of podcasts… and in one of them I heard about this website that tracks political dollars to congress…. apparently in different ways..but I’m pretty certain they said you could look up a bill and see all kinds of contributions both for and against whatever bill you pick….  I haven’t checked it out much yet…just stopped over there long enough to be sure I had the link right.  ( www.maplight.org )For any of you political types, and those of you that aren’t but think this might be interesting check it out… it’s at least one way to see some accountability, to see who’s donating megabucks to what cause… and full dislosure is best for our country…

  Thats it for tonight… Been a long drive, so I’m going to bed…   It was a pleasure to meet all my classmates, and intructors ( look for pictures here as soon as someone sends me any… and I’ll  explain the class pic ) and also to the other friends I made while in Oklahoma this time, and before…. another chapter has ended… but it’s just the beginning of the book.

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