The Best thing about Christmas….

 is when it’s the next day. Gone. In the past. Finished for another Year.  So maybe it sounds like something a scrooge would say. Maybe. But I think maybe alot of people are happy when it’s finally over with. Count me in that crowd for this year, for sure. By the way, I have to give a co-worker credit for the “Best thing about Christmas…”,  as he looks forward to it being done and over with every year. 

     On the brighter side of things, my christmas wasn’t all bad. Despite the car problems, and not being able to shop for all the gifts I had hoped, It went ok. It was great seeing family I don’t ever get to see enough of. I got more presents than I deserved, which really only means I got at least 2 lumps of coal, however, I got a couple things I didn’t expect, like a membership to a gym, and a bicycle, both which give me hope I’ll eventually start losing weight again, if I only get the motivation to utilize them. Here’s hoping at least.

   I guess thats it for now. No weight watchers this week due to christmas falling on my weigh in day. I hope you all had a merry christmas, and I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year… I intend to, work, or no work. Ciao for now! 

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