What next??

  Ok.. so I’m home and have the day off…figure I’ll take my son back to his mother’s and do a little shopping right? Good plan..or so I thought. However, after driving 1400 miles from Norman, Oklahoma to home sweet home..my so far totally reliable Kia Optima decided that it’s next trip would be only 3 or 4 hundred feet down the road. Great! Fortunately a friend with a truck was able to come tow me back to the driveway. So now, it looks like tomorrow I’ll be using Kia’s roadside assistance to have them tow the dang thing to the nearest Kia dealership. It’s only got a 127,000 miles…. the damn thing…. anyways.. nothing else to update..but thought I’d throw my wonderful misfortune out there…after all, misery loves company.   Oh yeah… Merry Christmas. 🙂

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