New Puppies!!!!!!

 Ok, not exactly new… they are a whopping 2 days old as I write this. Pepper, the mother of the pups, kept waking the wife up Monday night, who kept waking me. Well, needless to say, the pups started coming out about 3 A.M. She had 7 in all, 2 Males and 5 females. I think I’ll ask a million dollars a piece for them, and that’ll give me some room to negotiate. Their parents are AKC registered, so we will register the litter. Know anyone who wants an English Springer Spaniel? I haven’t decided on a price yet, I’ll be sure to post it when I decide. You can take a look at the pups on my Springers page at  Thats it for tonight, as I’ve spent a bunch of time working on getting the pups on the web. So I’ll say goodnight, and Hasta La Vista Baby.

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