It is Ron’s Fault!!

   So when I was in Oklahoma being “edjumacated” in the fine art of DIOSS Maintenance, there was one theme throughout the course. The short story is that,  in some way or another, maybe a little, maybe a lot, an instructor named Ron, who was not one of my own instructors, had some input into something having to do with the design or creation of this DIOSS machine. I really have no idea what, how little or how much, however, it was a daily occurence for the instructors I did have, to reference Ron in some way. Usually it was to answer a question like ” Why did they put that component in the worst spot they could find?” or ” What was the purpose for doing it THAT way?”..pertaining to god only knows what. Rather than the all too often used “Don’t Know, Don’t Care”, the answer we received was something like “It’s Ron’s Fault”, or “You’ll have to go ask Ron”.  I think it was near the end of the first week week actually got to meet Ron, and fortunately it turned out he took the joking excellently.  Anyways, at the end of the course, the class had shirts made and of course, photos were taken. I finally received one from one of the course instructors, Thanks Todd.

Dioss Class

     Ok, thats enough for today, although I just took a picture of Pepper with all her pups, so I’ll post that too, as they are exactly one week old today…Happy Birthday Puppies!!!

Pepper's Family

     Thats all Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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