College News!! and OUCH!!

      Thats about it for news too… I found out today that my own personal male offspring has been accepted to Drexel University. Not only that, they offered him a $12,500 merit scholarship renewable for 5 years. Thats a start. We’ll have to see who else accepts him, and then wait anxiously while he decides where he is going to go.  Even if that was the best school he got accepted to, he’s set. 

   So I spent a ton of time messing around with the Fafsa tonight and thought I’d post a couple links I found useful. ( Man what a pain that fafsa form is ).  I haven’t done my taxes yet, but to do the fafsa you need at least a close estimate, so I did my taxes with the data I know at . It worked for what I needed it for.  Before I started I needed to remember what form to use… Sounds stupid, but I just never remember, so I went to the IRS page,,id=105099,00.html and voila.. I found I needed the 1040 .  No A, no EZ ( Ok I knew I didn’t need the EZ.)

     During the Fafsa, pertaining to parents, step parents etc.. I used this help for the fafsa website .  Check it out.

    The OUCH in the title, wasn’t “my” ouch, but my stepdaughter had her tonsils pulled today. She’s doing great considering. I was surprised how much she talked tonight. (Ok, I guess I shouldn’t have been ) My own throat feels sore thinking about it though, so OUCH!.

     Puppies are great, but no pictures tonight, I’m just too whooped and gotta get ready for bed. Gnite! 

    Ok. Thats it, and I need some serious sleep.

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