Where’s the fun?

     So little time, so much to do.. It seems lately I have no time for anything. I managed to sneak a visit in with my daughter tonight, which was nice. I think the first I’d seen her since Christmas. I’m getting old. Anyways, work has been pretty busy, and last saturday night I even worked the night shift, then spent the night in a motel and got up to be back at work at 7AM. Needless to say, I’ve been trying to get caught up on sleep ( with absolutely no success ) and do my homework for college, and do the little things I do that I find fun. I managed to watch Knight Rider on Sunday and I have to say I liked it. I loved it as a kid back in the 80’s, and I’m hoping it’s a successful series again, as it was quite entertaining, and as long as they add a little more action from the new “Mike”, I think it will be. Nice car either way. David Hasselhoff made a very small appearance at the end, and he wasn’t even rolling around on the floor drunk. If you don’t know why I say that, Search for him on YouTube. Anyways, I’ve got to blog the tech blog, so I guess thats it for tonight. The pups are doing great, and another one has a home, so there are justl 4 more that need to be sold.  Cyas for now

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