Is there time for anything?

     No… Right now I feel I have time for nothing. I can’t believe how much time is being consumed by puppies, and college. I did find time to put the camera back online. Last week Pepper managed to move the kennel around the dining room causing major chaos, so now the puppies are relocated into the kitchen, and the laptop, which somehow survived a fall in the chaos is back up and running, allowing the video of the pups to be spread all over the world, if someone by chance wanted to watch them. Right now as I speak, however, the light in the kitchen is off and you can only see darkness on the video feed. It looked good earlier though.

      My course at OCC is great, I am super enthused, although it is far more challenging than I expected. I think my memory isn’t what it used to be, causing me to have to re-read things over and over. Not to mention the interuptions and distractions that seem to inundate me constantly whenever I am trying to study. It’s worth it. I love it… I hope my enthusiasm continues, and my ability to get my studying done exists.

    Taxes are done, and the FAFSA has been filled out for the son’s college hopes. Not much more to report there… Waiting anxiously for tex refund. Been on the go constantly so the diet’s been shot.

      Thats it for tonight.. Adios for now

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Back to Weight Watchers

      Despite the SuperBowl Chicken Wings and Pizza ( did I mention Beer?) I managed to lose 1 pound this week. Certainly nothing to brag about, but at least I’m heading in the right direction, and it feels “right” going to the meeting again. It is much more motivational than you’d think, without anyone making it obvious that motivation is the  motive. Whatever.. I feel motivated.

      I finished reading my chapter for college tonight, which was my first weeks homework. Glad I finished early because I want to review a bit…. the whole “Programming process” I want to get down just right. I hope the instructor doesn’t tell me it’s not important at class this week.  It seems important, so I’m going with it.

     Checking out a few tools/websites tonight, so check them out at my other blog, and hopefully the links to them will be in my techy pages somewhere. Thats it for now… Seeyas later.

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SuperBowl Sunday

     Pizza and Wings and Beer… And I was doing so good on the diet too.. Oh well. Gotta live!!  Got my tax return done yesterday, and today I got notified the IRS accepted it (whatever that means). Thats it for tonight.. The superbowl is on ya know!!

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I’m exhausted

So I attended my very first class, in my very first college course this evening. So I’m exhausted. Of all the unknowns and expectations, I didn’t foresee that I would be mentally exhausted after the first class. In fact, looking back at the 2 hours plus that I spent there, I’m not really sure why. 90% or more was strictly review for me, but my thirst for the learning had me hanging on every word the instructor said. And although it was only (first day at that) class, I know I like the instructor as he’s very lively, entertaining and appears quite knowledgable ( And he likes beer! ). My first Assignment is just reading the first chapter in the course book. It’s going to be a difficult course, but I’m up for the challenge. Well thats it for tonight, I need some rest.. Gnite

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Work Work Work

    Ok, so I don’t just WORK WORK WORK all the time, but lately it seems that way. Can’t complain though….money is good. Friday night at least we took a break and went to the casino…Yay… but we didn’t come home with any winnings…Boooo.  Had fun though, until I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning Saturday.Ugh

    Mocha, the second puppy to have been claimed of the new pups, has been given a new name, so from now on we’ll be  calling her by her new name, Lola. I’ll have to update the webpage to reflect her new name, and add some more ppictures, but it’ll have to be tomorrow night, as I am just whooped.

    Last thing to note… I start my college classes this thursday.. I am so super excited…. seeyas for now

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New Puppy Pictures

    Not alot going on, since I spent most of the time since I got home from work creating a webpage for each of the puppies. So if you’ve stopped by, go on over to and take a look at the pages. Wish I had more to share, but as slow as I am at throwing webpages together, that’s all I have tonight.  Goodnight!

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Why am I so tired?

    I know why. Up til 4:00 in the morning with a bunch of teenage boys, since the Step-son celebrated his 13th birthday with some friends over. Talk about an eye opener..  I had forgotten how much energy a room full of teenage boys have… I am sure the secret to solving future world power supply shortages will have something to do with them.  As I sat on the couch and played with my laptop, remaining quiet and uninterupting, I might as well have been at Wrestlemania. Loud and active. How the wife slept through it I don’t know. I do know the step-daughter didn’t. About 1:30 or so in the morning she came out and laughed along with them ( or at them? ) Anyways, they all seemed to have a lot of fun.. so it was worth it, in the end. In any case, I am a little behind on the sleep.. so thats about all I have to say for tonight. Goodnight!

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  Not much going on. I actually had a day off and spent most of the day goofing off, doing little things around the house. One thing I did accomplish though, was I got a webcam put up and am streaming the puppies, when the camera is on, or the connection doesn’t cut out. Anyways, if it’s working at the moment, you can view it on the main Springers web page at . Take a look, let me know what you think.  Thats it for tonight, Have a good one.

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College News!! and OUCH!!

      Thats about it for news too… I found out today that my own personal male offspring has been accepted to Drexel University. Not only that, they offered him a $12,500 merit scholarship renewable for 5 years. Thats a start. We’ll have to see who else accepts him, and then wait anxiously while he decides where he is going to go.  Even if that was the best school he got accepted to, he’s set. 

   So I spent a ton of time messing around with the Fafsa tonight and thought I’d post a couple links I found useful. ( Man what a pain that fafsa form is ).  I haven’t done my taxes yet, but to do the fafsa you need at least a close estimate, so I did my taxes with the data I know at . It worked for what I needed it for.  Before I started I needed to remember what form to use… Sounds stupid, but I just never remember, so I went to the IRS page,,id=105099,00.html and voila.. I found I needed the 1040 .  No A, no EZ ( Ok I knew I didn’t need the EZ.)

     During the Fafsa, pertaining to parents, step parents etc.. I used this help for the fafsa website .  Check it out.

    The OUCH in the title, wasn’t “my” ouch, but my stepdaughter had her tonsils pulled today. She’s doing great considering. I was surprised how much she talked tonight. (Ok, I guess I shouldn’t have been ) My own throat feels sore thinking about it though, so OUCH!.

     Puppies are great, but no pictures tonight, I’m just too whooped and gotta get ready for bed. Gnite! 

    Ok. Thats it, and I need some serious sleep.

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It is Ron’s Fault!!

   So when I was in Oklahoma being “edjumacated” in the fine art of DIOSS Maintenance, there was one theme throughout the course. The short story is that,  in some way or another, maybe a little, maybe a lot, an instructor named Ron, who was not one of my own instructors, had some input into something having to do with the design or creation of this DIOSS machine. I really have no idea what, how little or how much, however, it was a daily occurence for the instructors I did have, to reference Ron in some way. Usually it was to answer a question like ” Why did they put that component in the worst spot they could find?” or ” What was the purpose for doing it THAT way?”..pertaining to god only knows what. Rather than the all too often used “Don’t Know, Don’t Care”, the answer we received was something like “It’s Ron’s Fault”, or “You’ll have to go ask Ron”.  I think it was near the end of the first week week actually got to meet Ron, and fortunately it turned out he took the joking excellently.  Anyways, at the end of the course, the class had shirts made and of course, photos were taken. I finally received one from one of the course instructors, Thanks Todd.

Dioss Class

     Ok, thats enough for today, although I just took a picture of Pepper with all her pups, so I’ll post that too, as they are exactly one week old today…Happy Birthday Puppies!!!

Pepper's Family

     Thats all Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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