2 Down…5 To Go

    So I guess another Puppy has a new home, or at least will have in 8 weeks or so. This puppy, (the family calls Mocha, for now ) is the other liver and white girl, so that leaves only the black and white ones left. Three girls and Two boys to go. With any luck, they’ll all be adopted long before they are ready to leave home.  As I did yesterday, I am putting up some pictures of the puppy that’s been claimed. I know, not much of a blog post, but I just got done working a 12 hour day at work.  And if you want to read more, go on over to the blog at www.specialbob.com/theblog . There’s always some good stuff there.  Gnite 🙂

Mocha Puppy

Mocha Puppy

Mocha Puppy

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1 Down, 6 To Go…

      It’s official. One of the puppies has been claimed for adoption. One of the little liver and white pups has a new mommy. It just so happens to be the most unique puppy ( at least to me ) as it has a white marking on it’s left side that my feeble and slightly demented brain immediately recognized as a reindeer. Whether it’s a reindeer or not, this little puppy has a new home once it’s old enough. To celebrate, here’s some pictures of the lucky girl.





  Hope you enjoy the Pics..  Have a Special Day!!!

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Veterinarian Visit

     I got out of work early today, drove home and gathered the new puppies into the cat carrier. It was time for their first visit to the Vet. Mama Springer was not at all happy about her babies being put in there, but she wouldn’t have to be separated from them much, because she was going to the Vet also.  We were worried that Pepper might be bleeding a little too much (still) , so thought it best to have the vet check her out. She checked out A – OK, it was quite painless.

     The Pups  however, didn’t fare so well. At least in the “painless” part. I am fairly certain when the Vet cut 2/3’s of their tails off, and removed their dew claws, they were not very happy. In any case, they are usually done at 3-5 days old, and so now this litter of pups have been done on day 3. Poor pups. Right now they are just sleeping in a pile with Pepper, when they aren’t eating. Eat and sleep, thats all they do right now… What a life!

Pepper and Pups

     Well, That’s my update for today. We’ve decided on $550.00 per Puppy, which will include their Tails docked, dew claws removed, first puppy shots and vetcheck, as well as papers to get them AKC registered. Ciao for now

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New Puppies!!!!!!

 Ok, not exactly new… they are a whopping 2 days old as I write this. Pepper, the mother of the pups, kept waking the wife up Monday night, who kept waking me. Well, needless to say, the pups started coming out about 3 A.M. She had 7 in all, 2 Males and 5 females. I think I’ll ask a million dollars a piece for them, and that’ll give me some room to negotiate. Their parents are AKC registered, so we will register the litter. Know anyone who wants an English Springer Spaniel? I haven’t decided on a price yet, I’ll be sure to post it when I decide. You can take a look at the pups on my Springers page at http://www.specialbob.com/springers/index.html.  Thats it for tonight, as I’ve spent a bunch of time working on getting the pups on the web. So I’ll say goodnight, and Hasta La Vista Baby.

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Wow, What a Post!!

 I don’t know if I’ll have time to take care of 2 blogs, I’m whooped… but check out the website blog at www.specialbob.com/theblog  to see what I posted today there.   Ciao!

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Happy New Year

   Yada Yada Yada… I am extremely late in finally getting around to writing this post, and for those of you who actually make it here to read it, or have subscribed to receive it via RSS, I apologize.  Been busy, to say the least.

   New Years Eve was awesome.. Had a great dinner at the Conesus Inn, an awesome restaurant on Conesus Lake. You can check out their website at www.conesusinn.com . I had the scallops and delmonico steak. Everything was exactly as I expected, which was super-excellent. Enough said.

    I did not get my new car until yesterday, but I now have it, and things can be back to normal, at least pertaining to me having my own transportation. Not having a car is just horrible. But now a brand new Toyota Corolla sits in my driveway. It reminds me of driving the Hyundai Accent I owned before I got the now deceased Kia Optima, so getting used to it was quick and painless.

   I got my DBA today so that “Special Bobs PC Repair” is now officially in business. I even had time to open a checking account for it today. It’s a start. There’s alot more to do, especially with the website, but at least I’ve begun. I’m pretty much ready for customer’s, if nothing else.

  Got some things accomplished with www.wagspetmotel.com and www.wagsmotel.com. They too, are just a beginning, and eventually they will mature to be much more than they are today. Check them out and let me know what you think. HTML is NOT my specialty.

    I guess thats the latest in news. I am working on getting the Specialbob.com blog up and running and this blog will be for personal stuff /miscellaneous stuff, and that one will contain stuff related to the main website and business.

   Thats it for now. Hope everyone is off to a good start to a great new year.

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Special Bob…Come on down… You’re the next contestant…on…The Price..

       The price is good enough…  So there will now be a new SpecialBobMobile in the very near future.  It seems the KIA dealership I took my 2004 Optima decided my timing belt was broke… and after 2 days waiting for a call back from “Tech Support” they decided that  it was time I consider buying a new car, and would I like to talk with their salesman? Ummm.. NO!… So they’re telling me this car has a zero clearance engine and therefore probably has more damage than just the timing belt… What’s the deal?? Is this the first time they’ve seen this problem that it has to take them 2 days to get back to me to tell me that to replace the timing belt is $475.00, but that might not fix the car, because the engine was designed so poorly that when the timing belt breaks, well, the engine parts smash into each other and die….or something to that effect anyways… well fine.. but I don’t want to talk to one of YOUR salesmen…not when I had to call you guys, and nobody returned my calls at all…not ONCE!! for 3 days in a row, to find out what they apparently should have known on day 1!!.. Give me a Break! Nope… in fact if I decide someday to buy a KIA.. it will be at the OTHER  KIA dealership in town…. Thanks but no thanks.

       So it looks like I’ll be driving around a brand new Toyota Corolla tomorrow… Silver, I’m told. As long as it runs… I’d take Fluorescent Orange if I had to….Anyways.. we’ll see.. Maybe perhaps my luck will change 1st of the year…. God only knows… I do know a few things are looking up.

               Car died ———- New car

               Belt broke———New Belt

               Headphones lost ———-New headphones

              It looks like everything I use every day is breaking…  or getting lost…. so like stuff I use every day is all going to be brand new before long… and thats a good way to start a new year…. As long as it’s not my computer 🙂

       Diet update :     What Diet??

      New Years Eve is coming and I am going to feast….and Feast Well.. with some guys from work… And on that very happy note I am going to go to bed… and sleep good, cause tomorrow I am hopefully driving a new car around…  Happy New Year to me.       And a New Car can be yours, Special Bob, IF the Price is Right!   Vroom Vroom

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The Best thing about Christmas….

 is when it’s the next day. Gone. In the past. Finished for another Year.  So maybe it sounds like something a scrooge would say. Maybe. But I think maybe alot of people are happy when it’s finally over with. Count me in that crowd for this year, for sure. By the way, I have to give a co-worker credit for the “Best thing about Christmas…”,  as he looks forward to it being done and over with every year. 

     On the brighter side of things, my christmas wasn’t all bad. Despite the car problems, and not being able to shop for all the gifts I had hoped, It went ok. It was great seeing family I don’t ever get to see enough of. I got more presents than I deserved, which really only means I got at least 2 lumps of coal, however, I got a couple things I didn’t expect, like a membership to a gym, and a bicycle, both which give me hope I’ll eventually start losing weight again, if I only get the motivation to utilize them. Here’s hoping at least.

   I guess thats it for now. No weight watchers this week due to christmas falling on my weigh in day. I hope you all had a merry christmas, and I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year… I intend to, work, or no work. Ciao for now! 

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What next??

  Ok.. so I’m home and have the day off…figure I’ll take my son back to his mother’s and do a little shopping right? Good plan..or so I thought. However, after driving 1400 miles from Norman, Oklahoma to home sweet home..my so far totally reliable Kia Optima decided that it’s next trip would be only 3 or 4 hundred feet down the road. Great! Fortunately a friend with a truck was able to come tow me back to the driveway. So now, it looks like tomorrow I’ll be using Kia’s roadside assistance to have them tow the dang thing to the nearest Kia dealership. It’s only got a 127,000 miles…. the damn thing…. anyways.. nothing else to update..but thought I’d throw my wonderful misfortune out there…after all, misery loves company.   Oh yeah… Merry Christmas. 🙂

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I’m Home….and Maplight.org

  Home finally…yay…glad to be gone from Oklahoma…glad to be home….not gonna be glad to go back to work…  Can I retire yet?? Forget the depressing stuff.. lets get angry instead..

       So on my way home, (21 hours driving ) I got to listen to a bunch of podcasts… and in one of them I heard about this website that tracks political dollars to congress…. apparently in different ways..but I’m pretty certain they said you could look up a bill and see all kinds of contributions both for and against whatever bill you pick….  I haven’t checked it out much yet…just stopped over there long enough to be sure I had the link right.  ( www.maplight.org )For any of you political types, and those of you that aren’t but think this might be interesting check it out… it’s at least one way to see some accountability, to see who’s donating megabucks to what cause… and full dislosure is best for our country…

  Thats it for tonight… Been a long drive, so I’m going to bed…   It was a pleasure to meet all my classmates, and intructors ( look for pictures here as soon as someone sends me any… and I’ll  explain the class pic ) and also to the other friends I made while in Oklahoma this time, and before…. another chapter has ended… but it’s just the beginning of the book.

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